IEPF Transfer

Procedure for claiming shares/dividends transferred to IEPF Account


The members who have a claim on dividends and shares may claim the same from IEPF Authority by submitting an online application in web Form No. IEPF-5 available on the website and sending a physical copy of the same, duly signed to the Company, along with requisite documents enumerated in the Form No. IEPF-5. No claims shall lie against the Company in respect of the dividends / shares so transferred.


Details of Dividend Transferred to IEPF Account

Interim Dividend 2011-12

Details of Shares transferred to IEPF Account


Details of Dividends unpaid for 7 years and Shares to be transferred to IEPF Account

After 25 October 2020

Draft letter for claiming unpaid dividend

Nodal Officer IEPF Contact Details
Mr. Parmod Sagar
Managing Director & CEO
Email: [email protected]

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